Skill-based learning for thriving families, communities, and ecosystems.

Why it matters:

We are citizens of humanity and Earth, but our learning seems to be focused on helping us be successful students or employees.

Our solution:

The Foundation for Family and Community Healing will soon be offering online educational modules that help us build the skills needed to be thriving citizens of our human and Earth communities! 

Our modules are much more in depth than a webinar or podcast, and more about behavioral change compared to an academic course. Many of our modules will be widely accessible by allowing each person to make a donation based on their ability to give.

A unique approach

We focus on developing skills needed to create healthy, rewarding, and holistic relationships, spanning the spectrum of relationships we have.

Take a sneak peak!

Right now, we invite you to participate in either of our modules, Relationship Wellbeing for Youth (middle- and high-school), or Relationship Wellbeing for Adults.  They’re designed to be used by individuals on their own, or in groups within families, schools, work places, or other community organizations.

Please share your feedback so we can improve our products while we prepare for our launch of our first suite of offerings!

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Coming Soon:


Curriculum Topics

Anxiety Management, Zero-Waste Recycling, Conservation, Meditation, and more!


Group Learning

Modules facilitated by top-notch instructors for small group environments

Self-Led Education

Curriculum offered on a gift economy developed for flexible, independent learning

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