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The Foundation for Family and Community Healing invites people everywhere to cherish Earth and provide social, emotional, and spiritual support for Earth’s healing. In this “Show Love, Thrive Together” campaign, we invite you to build on and improve your existing connection with the natural world for mutual benefit.
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Climate Change Charette


The Foundation is hosting a series of discussions, or charrettes, to discuss the value of
this idea of providing holistic support to Earth as a climate change solution. The goal of
the charrette is to make people more AWARE of this idea, to ENGAGE them in exploring
the idea, and identify and recruit people to take ACTION.

The inaugural meeting was held on September 27, 2019 in partnership with the
University of Georgia’s Center for Integrative Conservation Research (CICR), on the UGA
campus in Athens, GA. Forty people attended the charrette from across UGA’s campus,
including faculty, staff students. 

We look forward to hosting more events just like this to reach more people and more communities. The experience of having these insightful discussions is truly invaluable and we are proud to be able to create a space where we can explore such important ideas. 

Photos from our inaugural charrette at the University of Georgia:

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