Show Love

Social Media Campaign

With our Show Love social media campaign, the Foundation for Family and Community Healing invited people everywhere to cherish Earth and provide social, emotional, and spiritual support for Earth’s healing.


We used our social media to promote these ideas and encouraged our followers to participate and Show Love along with us. 

Spend time with Earth

Be present with, savor, and appreciate Earth’s plants, animals and minerals.

Show gratitude to Earth

Act with the understanding that Earth provides your only home and sustenance.

Show kindness to Earth

Support sustainable practices, beautify and improve, minimize waste, recycle.

Celebrate Earth

Harness creativity to express your love for Earth.

Pray or meditate on Earth’s healing

Direct your energy towards your greatest hopes for Earth’s healing.

Awaken Connection and Joy

Close your eyes. Use your senses to feel Earth’s presence and notice your emotions.

Involve others

Invite others to help spread these practices so that we may thrive together.

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