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Brown Thumbs Turn Green

Follow our Executive Director, Dr. Susanna Calvert, and our Director of Earth Programs, Dr. Kimberly Andrews as they attempt to turn their brown thumbs green in the pursuit of growing their own food. Learn more about how you can use home gardening to strengthen your relationship with Earth and feed the Earth as you feed yourself.

Digging Deeper

Join along as we visit with experts to learn more about Earth-healthy topics and delve further into our healing relationship with Earth. 

Richmond Earth Series

We host zoom sessions featuring speakers and videos on topics related to environmental justice, conservation, and Earth healing practices. We are partnering with the Living Water Community Center and the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond to bring this speaker series to you.

Our Body, Our Earth

Our Executive Director, Dr. Susanna Calvert, hosts a video series exploring ways we can enrich our relationship with Earth and learn how to better heal her. 

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